Why Us


Why Us!

1) We understand that our clients work hard for their money, so we offer multi department discounts. These discounts can save up to 25% on our packages. It pays to work together. 

2)We understand that generating revenue is tough so we have referral incentives.  Thesincentives can help pay for operating expenses.

3) FES Impact, LLC offers fair and reasonable prices for clients. 

4) We are a Veteran owned small business. Being a Veteran owned small business means we are dedicated and committed in ensuring our clients are satisfied. 

5) FES Impact, LLC owner has a fire and emergency services background. This saves client’s valuable time and money. 

6) FES Impact, LLC understands challenges facing the Fire & Emergency Services and finds solutions to help our clients grow and develop.

7) Our work is done by a contract and it serves as a guarantee that the work will be completed. If the work is not completed your department will receive a 100% Refund.  

8) Volunteer Fire Departments close their doors for three reasons; no people, no funding and a failure to plan. We can help with all three. 


Review from Shanksville VFD, Somerset County, PA 

Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Did the Consultant meet the needs of your organization?   Yes     

Did the Consultant offer solutions to improve your organization?   Yes

Did the Consultant understand your organization's situation?  Yes     

Was the Consultant knowledgeable in the fire and emergency services field?   Yes    

How likely is it that you would recommend this Consultant to another organization?  Very Likely 

Overall how satisfied were you with the experience? (1-10, 10 being the highest)  10

How would you rate the value for the money of the product?  Above Average      


1) Does your company work on commission?


2) Does your company work on contingencies?


3) Does your company have a 100% success rate in grant writing?

     No. It is extremely rare that a Grant Writer Consultant has a 100% success rate.

4) What do you charge?

     We have fair and reasonable rates on the market.

5) Does your company have any retainer fees?


6) How much time does it take to write a grant?

The time to write a grant varies based on the complexity of the grant. One Grant may take 8 hours to 100 hour plus.  

7) Who are your clients? 

Our clients are Fire & Emergency Services organizations. Unfortunately due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, the names of our clients cannot be disclosed. 

8) Can you provide references? 

    Yes they are available upon request. 

9) Why doesn’t your business have a brick & mortar store front location?

By not having a brick & mortar store front location we are passing the savings onto our clients. 

10) Is the New Client Package considered a retainer?

No. The New Client Package enables the Client to be prepared for Grants well before they become open and provides sustainable solutions. 

11) Is your business licensed and insured? Yes.

Grants FAQ

1) What is the biggest thing an organization can do to win grants? The biggest thing an organization can do is to be Prepared. It pays to be Prepared. 

2) I was told that there are only FEMA Grants available for our Department, is this True? This is False, there are State, Foundation and Corporate Grants available for your Department. 

3) When do grants come open? Some grants are open yearly, quarterly or on a rolling basis depending upon the Funder. 

4) Would it benefit our nonprofit organization to become a 501c3? By obtaining a 501c3 for your organization, it will open opportunities that your department is currently missing out on. 

5) Why does Grant Applications and Proposals require an Organization Budget? Funders want to see if your financial side of the house is in order.